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Welcome to my website.

As you'll see from the following pages I've got some useful links, contacts and pages on a variety of topics from sailing to photography and mountaineering.
The date layout I'm using below is DayMonthYear. Updated: 29 June, 2008.
If there is something you'd like to see added, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  • 29/07/2008 Yes, for those of of you who know me there is much to update. I've been a touch tardy with it all what with new web design software and the necessary learning curve that goes with it.
    Suffice to say:
  • I have a trip to Australia to add (August 2007) and many to thank for hospitality.
  • Activities from the BC Mountaineering Club and a trip up Golden Ears Mountain.
  • Sailing in English Bay, Vancouver BC. The view is superb from katcam.ca
  • Catching up with wonderful friends from Western Australia who attended the Vancouver International Triathlon.
  • Oh, and did I mention sailing...

09/04/07- BCMC Schedule - 2007 Summer Climbing Program
270506 revised the sailing page slightly and titled the GPS/Sailing images.
200406-270806 BCMC Schedule & Photos - 2006 Summer Climbing Program
27-31/03 to 080406 updated links, navigation & the Forell's holiday page
080106 Christmas Photos from Vancouver Island (and updated the BCMC page).
250207 update - Nanaimo, B.C. to Prince Rupert, B.C. From July-August 2005.
010705 Wallace Island - From April 16th Don Mercer's Pax Mercerium.
100605 MEC - Service Centre Pinata (fun pix from work)
060605 BC Mountaineering Club, Basic Rock, one-day Program photos.
030605 BC Mountaineering Club, Essential Rock Program photos.
030605 BC Mountaineering Club, Lead Program photos.
GPS Demo images Feb 26-27 & March 6 GPS demonstration images. I've taken some photos cruising the Gulf Island comparing two hand-held GPS units (Garmin & Magellan) being used on Don Mercer's Ketch Pax Mercerium. I've titled the images shot between Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and Montague Harbour at the south western end of Galiano Island.
151204 Updated the sailing page again. I've revised the CPS dates and I've started a sailing & cruising links section on my Sailing Pages.
241004 Updated the sailing page and diving pages. On sailing, I've updated some links and on diving, I've put in a link to David Budd Watersports, Mandurah Western Australia.
040704 Alpine Club Club of Canada June 2004 Rock Refresher - club program
040704 Updated the sailing page having just completed one CYA award (more on this later...) I'm now looking for seatime.
250104 100 Mile House - Christmas '03
021003 BCMC MayTop-rope program photos added and BCMC trips sorted/moved from the photogaphy page to my BCMC page.
170803 I'm surprised it's been so long between updates but what with a new desktop machine, new software (GoLive 6) and work, updating this site as been low on the list of priorities. Well, I've tweaked a few pages here and there. Fixed the odd link and added Star Check (a climbing area South of Whister) to the photography pages.
121102 BCMC Archive demo pages (BC Mountaineering Club)
150902 The Forell's excellent vacation (updated 04/06)
150902 More photos from Ray's party (thanks Roy) (Australian Holiday pages).
150902 More photos from Dusty's party (thanks Anna) (Australian Holiday pages).
020902 A day at Binna Burra (Australian Holiday pages).
020902 Ray Day's birthday party (Australian Holiday pages).
010902 Roy and Paul work on Paul's board (Australian Holiday pages).
280802 Queensland Reunion party photos are here finally! (Australian Holiday pages).
280802 Surfing and Fishing with Johnny & Nicholas (Australian Holiday pages).
250802 Another great day in British Columbia with Dusty Miller (Photography pages).
170802 An interesting update on the sailing page re the history of Longitude (Sailing)
170802 Updated the Liberty Bell photos, caption added (photography pages)
110802 Sydney photos added and the first week in Queensland (Australian Holiday pages)
070802 Liberty Bell Photos added (Photography page)
020802 Primary School photos added - good for a smile (Australian Holiday pages).
010802 Added Dusty Miller's birthday party photos (Australian Holiday)
310702 Added "Australian Holiday" section and Dennet Lake hike photos
290702 Added 20th July hiking photos from Brandywine Meadows (Photography pages)
230702 Removed flight itinerary and added a thank you
280502 Skaha Photos from May 18-20th (still not titled ) Photography pages.
270502 Moved the photo links to a photography page.
270502 Lead Program photos from May 26th (Photography pages)
170502 Essential Rock Program (photos from May 11-12) (Photography pages)
150502 Rock Refresher images uploaded (photos from May 4-5) (Photography pages)
070502 Basic Rock images uploaded (photos from April 28) (Photography pages).
060502 Basic Rock images uploaded (photos from April 27) (Photography pages).
060502 This text/date system updated (thanks for the feedback everyone).
030502 Wine tasting photos uploaded (lowish resolution) (Photography pages).
230402 Climbing photos (of April 20th) Spring & Summer Programs (Photography pages)
Major update of David Budd's (Diving pages)
170402 Dinner photos uploaded (photography)
010402 started a sample page for David Budd Diving, Mandurah WA, Australia.
Updated the sailing page with links and text

MEC 2004 Halloween photos just for fun